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Automatic Utility Bill Payment

You can sign up for automatic utility bill payments by filling out the form downloadable from this page. 

Frequently Asked Questions about this process:

How does the City’s payment program work?

Complete the attached enrollment form and bring it and your photo i.d. in to the City Treasurer’s office for processing. After you have been enrolled, the City will withdraw your utility payment automatically on the due date.

How will I know the amount of my bill?

The City will continue to send you a quarterly bill. The bill will contain the same information that you are currently receiving. Your automatic payment will be reflected on your next checking/savings account statement.

Is there a charge to enroll in this service?

The City does not charge any fees for this program. Your utility bill will be unaffected by the decision to enroll in Automatic Utility Bill Payment Program. Most financial institutions do not charge for the service, but you should contact yours to be sure.

What if there is a question about my billing?

Contact the Treasurer's Office so we can correct any errors. If the error is not noticed until after the due date, a refund can be issued.

What if I change my financial institution?

Complete a new enrollment form by clicking here, and bring it in to the Treasurer’s Office for processing. If you decide to cancel your participation in the plan, simply call or write us.