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Chapter Book Reviews

Classic Chapter Books for Family Reading

Mr. Popper's Penguins  by Atwater, Richard and Florence (jF/Atwater)
What's it like to live with a house full of penguins? The Poppers will know very soon.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls by Bellairs, John  (jF/Bellairs)
The first in a series of spooky, but funny adventures starring Lewis Barnavelt and his friend Rose Rita Pottinger.  There’s wizards, witches and a whole lot of trouble

Ramona the Pest by Cleary, Beverly  (jF/Cleary)
The irrepressible Ramona returns. Well-meaning, but full of mischief, she is a perennial delight. The first of several adventures for the character first introduced in Beezus and Ramona.

Fantastic Mr. Fox  by Dahl, Roald  (jF/Dahl)
Wily Mr. Fox outwits a trio of nasty farmers who want to be rid of him and his family.  Mr. Fox offers a gentler, but equally whimsical kind of humor.

The Wind in the Willows  by Grahame, Kenneth  (jF/Grahame)
The adventures of Ratty, Mole, Otter, and the incomparable Mr. Toad still shine after all these years.  A wise and gentle classic.

The Mouse and His Child by Hoban, Russell  (jF/Hoban)
A wind-up mouse and his toy son are on a quest to be "self-winding". This exploration of toys becoming real is more humorous than The Velveteen Rabbit and more charming than Pinocchio.

The Phantom Tollbooth  by Juster, Norton  (jF/Juster)
 Bored and unimaginative, Milo receives a mysterious package and is transported to a land where words and numbers are larger than life and he alone can restore Rhyme and Reason to a divided kingdom.

Anastasia Krupnik  by  Lowry, Lois (jF/Lowry)
Before Amber Brown there was... Anastasia. She is smart, funny, and just a little grouchy. This is the first in a series about the spunky heroine.

Pippi Longstocking  by Lindgren, Astrid  (jF/Lind)
Pippi is untidy, outspoken and independent - a heroine for our time, or any other. Enjoy her other outrageous exploits in Pippi Goes on Board, Pippi in the South Seas, and Pippi Goes To School.

Sarah, Plain and Tall  by MacLachlan, Patricia  (jPri/MacL)
When their father sends for a mail-order bride, Anna and Caleb aren't sure what to expect. Sarah's strong spirit quickly begins to change their rather sad house into a home. The children hope she will stay but does their father feel the same? Find out what happens next in the sequel, Skylark.

Owls in the Family  by Mowat, Farley  (jF/Mowat)
This is the complete and hilarious history of Wol and Weeps, the two owls introduced in The Dog Who Wouldn't Be.

The Borrowers  by Norton, Mary  (jF/Norton)
Have you ever wondered where your needles and thread vanish to? Or the postage stamps you know you left in the drawer? Perhaps you did use them, or lose them, but perhaps the borrowers took them. Imagine tiny families living within the walls of your house, raiding your kitchen and toybox for the things they need. Life is good for the borrowers until the "human beans" discover them!

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by O'Brien, Robert C.  (jF/Obrien)
Mrs Frisby is one troubled mouse. She is the widowed mother of four young ones and she must move her family to their summer home. Unfortunately, her son Timothy is gravely ill. How can she manage Moving Day without endangering his life? Mrs Frisby must consult the mysterious rats of NIMH for help

Soup by Peck, Robert Newton (jF/Newton)
Do you have a best friend? Rob does. Soup and Rob do a lot together, but mostly they create catastrophes!

Stuart Little by White, E.B. (jF/White)
Stuart is little - a tiny mouse, in fact, but his heart and courage are enormous.  Follow Stuart from his battles with the family cat to a sailboat race in Central Park.