City Dashboard & Citizen's Guide

The City of Hudsonville actively participates in Michigan's City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing Program. This program requires that the City fulfill requirements set by the state in the areas of Accountability and Transparency in order to receive State Revenue Sharing.  For complete details regarding the State of Michigan CVTRS Program, please visit


Municipal Financial Summary

The Municipal Financial Summary contents are intended as a means to provide transparency and accountability to citizens regarding the municipal budget and finances.  

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Municipal Performance Dashboard

The Municipal Performance Dashboard includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens.  Areas of focus include the following:  

  • Fiscal Stability
  • Economic Strength
  • Public Safety
  • Quality of Life

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Municipal Debt Service Report

The Municipal Debt Service Report details the annual payment amounts for each separate debt obligation until maturity or repayment is complete.

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Municipal Project Budget Report

The Municipal Projected Budget Report is a General Fund projection of Revenues and Expenditures for the current fiscal year and a projection for the immediately following fiscal year.

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