City Manager

City Manager
Patrick B. Waterman - ICMA-CM
(616) 669-0200 ext. 1418



If you are reading this, you already know a little about Hudsonville. However, you might have some interest in knowing a little bit about our form of government. The City of Hudsonville operates within the council-manager form of government. The City Manager serves as the City's Chief Administrative Officer. The council-manager plan is a form of local government developed in the United States to help cities cope more effectively, efficiently, and economically with increasingly complex local problems. It provides for a professional executive appointed by and continuously responsible to a popularly elected council. In some 70 years it has become the predominant form of local government in the United States, and is widely regarded as a major American contribution to the improvement of municipal government, particularly in overcoming local structural weaknesses.

As manager, I am responsible for hiring, appointing, and taking charge of the performance of department heads and other employees. The City Manager is responsible as the chief advisor to the governing body on matters of policy, as well as preparing the budget, supervising the municipality's operations, and bringing a significant element of professional knowledge to all facets of municipal administration and intergovernmental relations.

If you have any questions that you would like to discuss, please feel free to email me or give me a call at (616) 669-0200. My office door is always open. My desire is to serve this community, in which to provide a friendly environment to listen to the concerns of the citizens and residents of this community.

Patrick B. Waterman, ICMA-CM
City Manager