Downtown Development


The Village Green is a proposed park in the heart of Downtown Hudsonville that would serve as a community gathering place; a place for family picnics, a place for strolls through the city, a place to enjoy the outdoors, and a place to gather with friends.



The plan for Hudsonville’s “New” Downtown takes a comprehensive look at the existing strengths of the community and overlays the needed components to create a vibrant and healthy downtown.

The plan, created as part of the Ottawa County Urban Smart Growth Demonstration Project, addresses features such as connectivity, density, transportation, walkability, architecture and design, land use, and neighborhood structure.

The plan is supported by a 2011 citizen survey, which demonstrated the community’s support for economic development activities.  Specifically, respondents cited the need for improved visual appeal, updated buildings, more retail, and general revitalization among their desires for Hudsonville’s downtown. 

The plan includes numerous art, culture, and public space components which will serve as one of the unique draws to the “new” downtown.  The downtown design will focus on higher density, multi-story mixed-use building development anchored around the centrally-located  Village Green component. 

Further, the “new” downtown is anticipated to feature an enhanced farmer’s market, a new downtown park, and gateway features to draw traffic into downtown.  These elements will support other redevelopment activities in the surrounding areas. For example, the Hudsonville Public Schools site will be developed to include a new High School building, auditorium, and natatorium, all of which have the potential to draw residents downtown.  The redevelopment of downtown will be undertaken in a manner that enhances these community investments.



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