Finance & Assessing

Finance Director
Jan Sal Syswerda
(616) 669-0200 ext. 1413


Finance/Assessing Assistant
Tony Rewers
(616) 669.0200 ext. 1443



The Hudsonville Finance Department encompasses both the Treasury and Assessing duties.

From the Treasury standpoint, tasks range from handling tax notifications and payments to overseeing the budget, audits, and paying the city’s bills.

On the Assessing side, responsibilities include establishing real and personal property assessments in order to have an equitable distribution of the property tax burden. Information used in determining value includes:

  • Lot dimensions and location
  • Land value
  • Building size and age
  • Construction type and quality

This information is used to prepare the assessment and tax rolls for the city. The assessment and tax rolls are used to levy and collect taxes to fund the various local public services provided by the city and county as well as the local and intermediate school districts.

The Finance Department also processes deeds and property transfer affidavits for the establishment of property ownership. It administers principal residence, agricultural, and industrial facility tax exemption.  The department also conducts property sales studies, performs neighborhood revaluation, and values and records new construction.

The Board of Review falls under the jurisdiction of the Assessor's office. The City's three member Board of Review meets approximately five times each year to review the property assessment roll, hear assessment appeals, make any necessary corrections to, and ultimately endorse the assessment roll. The Board is also responsible, at its July and December sessions, to hear appeals on approvals and denials of principal residence and agricultural exemption as well as correct clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact regarding the assessment roll.

Public information available through the Finance Department’s web page:

  • Name and mailing address of property owner
  • A property’s tax roll description, assessed value, taxable value, and state equalized value
  • Sales information

As a homeowner, I am dedicated to make the property tax process as simple as possible for the citizens of Hudsonville. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our department at 616.669.0200 x 443.


Jan Sal Syswerda
Finance Director