Mayor's Page

A Note From the Mayor

The holiday season is over and now the days are getting longer.  We all love the winter wonder land outside but we yearn for summer too.  Come summer our city will have a different look and feel.  No longer will Hudsonville be a “drive through” suburb, Hudsonville is going to be a “destination” city in Western Michigan. 

After several years of planning and seeking public comment the work has begun.  Terra Square construction is well underway if you haven’t noticed, it looks messy now but we are seeing glimpse of its elegance such as the now exposed wood plank ceiling.  Come June it will be a center of activity with activity as our Farmers Market,  new Event and Cowork Spaces and Sonder Provisions (a restaurant featuring local-sourced products). 

Harvey Street will be rebuilt into a Woonerf pedestrian friendly street. Service Drive and Chicago Drive are getting major make overs making them more attractive and friendly.  Out of this effort the city has already begun to experience numerous new commercial, retail and residential activities.  All of these building projects will make our downtown a complete destination. 

Many feel we are saving the best for last with a pedestrian and bike friendly walkway under Chicago Drive and the railroad tracks.  This will follow the existing waterway, Buttermilk Creek.  We expect to see this completed in 2018 as we continue the engineering studies and grant applications.  I’m excited about the future of our city.  More to come. 

Thank you.

Mayor Mark