Mayor's Page

A Note From the Mayor

The new year is here and it is full of promise and opportunity for the City of Hudsonville.

On January 12th your City Commissioners and I held a working meeting prior to the monthly Commissioner meeting.  At this meeting we discussed key elements of our master plan that have been circulated and discussed throughout our city. Perhaps you recall seeing the information kiosks last year we had located throughout the city.  But, a plan is just plan, now we approach financing and implementation. We have four projects we have prioritized as our first considerations in 2016-2018:  1) Farmers Market 2) Chicago Drive Beautification 3) Buttermilk Creek pedestrian and bike underpass of Chicago Drive and CSX Railroad and 4) Harvey Street development. The commissioners unanimously support all these projects but order and timing still requires some discussion.  None-the-less, we expect over the next year to develop the final the details and bonding for up to $4.5 million.  This will not impact current millage; our property taxes will remain static.  Incidentally, our millage is one of the lowest for a city our size in Michigan.  We have always been very fiscally conservative in Hudsonville.  Additionally, the city commissioners and I gave the City Manager approval to purchase property for the city to begin the development of a Farmers Market & Event Center.  We expect this to be a major boost to our downtown development by having a place for local fresh food vendors to sell crops and it will be a place for community gatherings.  We are very excited about this first big step in implementing our master plan.

We can expect to see several enhancements and growth to our city in coming years.  All positive and with great thought.  Some cities I drive through in Western Michigan have empty stores, vacant restaurants and boarded up gas stations.  This is not the case in Hudsonville because we have a great award winning Plan with a supportive business community, a dedicated city staff, thoughtful commissioners, and citizens that truly care about the place we call home.

Thank you.

Mayor Mark