Mayor's Page

A Note From the Mayor

Greetings fellow Hudsonville residents.  

The winter is slipping away.  Put away that snow blower and put the oil in the lawn mower.  Summer soon comes.  Thanks to our DPW employees for doing a great job this winter keeping our streets and sidewalks clear and safe.  My friends that live in the townships always comment about how fortunate we are to have our streets well maintained for safe winter driving.

Human Resources Managers and Hiring Managers routinely are seeking qualified machinist and engineers for numerous unfilled jobs.  These businesses are struggling harder and harder every day to find qualified candidates.  I recently read this article on the WOOD TV web site that discussed this reality.

During the tough years of the recession much of the local talent left for sunny states.  In order to attract the talent back, and keep the talent we have, we must have cities that are distinctive, vibrant, livable and connected.  This is not the case if we have run down cities or urban blight.  Fortunately for Hudsonville we have a Plan, “Imagine Hudsonville 2030” that incorporates these key elements.

Incidentally, we are already seeing a positive shift in the local economy.  Our home market is extremely vibrant as identified in this mlive article, showing how Hudsonville home values shot up 9% last year. And in another article we see Hudsonville in particular is identified as one of the best in the nation for rising home values: 4,000 housing markets in the U.S., and they concluded Hudsonville was the 109th healthiest housing market in the country. Further, Grand Rapids is rated 13th as the best place to live in the US in this article.

None of the above would have happened without an engaged local government and a dedicated business community working a Plan.  Michigan, and in particular our city, is turning after some hard years.  We intend to continue this momentum.  Watch for new and big things to happen to Hudsonville over the next few years, 

  1. The Farmers Market/Community Center downtown,
  2. A rehab of Harvey Street into a “Woonerf” 
  3. A bike and pedestrian underpass at Chicago drive.
  4. The beatification of the Chicago Drive.  

These four are the first projects the City Commission identified out of the Master Plan to complete.  Please know that our fiscal conservative position will allow us to do this work without any increase to our taxes, which are already one of the lowest in western Michigan.  We also have several local businesses expanding and looking to build their business.  Pizza Ranch has a major expansion and remodeling that will be starting soon, to name just one.

I’m excited about the future of Michigan and our city.  Good times and an even better community are coming.

Thank you.

Mayor Mark