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Neighborhood Revaluation

Each summer a neighborhood field study of approximately 150 residential properties is conducted within the City of Hudsonville.

The Michigan State Tax Commission recommends that we visit each property once every six years and we do this by visiting several neighborhoods at a time. The goal of the neighborhood field study is to adjust assessed values to more accurately reflect each property's true market value.  While we visit each individual property our goal is to check for accuracy and completeness of the parcel record.  Additions, decks, fences, storage sheds, the square footage of houses and garages, and the amenities within can affect the assessed value of each property.  The information is then used to evaluate the assessment of all property in a particular neighborhood.

Between revaluations the assessing department gathers information on all sales within each neighborhood and compares the sales prices to the assessed values. Those ratios are averaged, providing a basis for making assessment changes for the entire neighborhood for the following year. Property assessments can only be as accurate as the property data on which they are based. And the older the information, the more likely it is going to be wrong.