Non-Motorized Pathways

In the Imagine Hudsonville 2030 plan, one of the priority areas is a more Connected City.  One of the key components of this priority area is to enhance the non motorized pathway system, adding additional segments and pathway enhancements to the Buttermilk Creek Pathway.  When completed, the system will offer a 2.7 mile continuous pathway connecting the north and south city limits.  

Several major projects are recently completed or underway which will make drastic improvements to the Buttermilk Creek system in Hudsonville.  Hudsonville Public Schools also recently completed a section of pathway through their campus.

The Buttermilk Creek Pathway was recently extended with a section of pathway that runs from 32nd Avenue to Prospect Street. New pathway sections are in the planning stages along Barry Street into Georgetown Township, from Prospect Street to Chicago Drive, and even a pathway under Chicago Drive!  

Click here to download a map of the pathway system.