Online Payments

You can now pay Tax and Utility Bill Payments Online!

By clicking the link below you will be directed to the City of Hudsonville Internet Services page where you will be able to look up property information and make payments online. To make a payment online choose Current Tax Search or Utility Billing Search, find your account and look for the “Pay Online” button on the right side of the screen.  Please allow one business day to reflect payments.  For information on credit card and e-check fees, please Click Here.

Please note that if you are making a payment online and your water is scheduled to be shut off or has already been shut off, an additional service fee will be charged to your account.  Service fees may not be reflected online and must be paid prior to water being turned on. Please contact Hudsonville City Hall (616) 669-0200, to make arrangements to have water turned back on.  Water will NOT automatically be turned on when a payment is made. 

For additional information regarding making a payment online, please call Hudsonville City Hall (616) 669-0200.  To proceed to the online bill payment page, Click Here.