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Personal Property

What exactly is personal property?

There is no dictionary definition.  According to the Michigan Assessors Association, it is best framed in a negative manner: if it is not real property, then it is personal property.  Personal property can also be described as temporary or movable.

The state and location of assessable personal property and the ownership of that property for tax assessment purposes during the subsequent tax year are determined as of December 31st (of the preceding year.)

No change in ownership, location, taxable status or condition of the assessable property after Tax Day affects either the assessment or the liability for taxation of the assessable property, except as otherwise specifically provided by statute.

Forms for previous years’ statements are available through the Michigan Department of Treasury.  The most up to date forms will be posted under Forms & Files when released.

Click here to download a presentation that the City Assessor recently gave to the Chamber of Commerce businesses about the latest updates on Personal Property Tax.