Planning & Zoning Department

Dan Strikwerda, Planning & Zoning Director
616-669-0200 ext. 1414


Teri Schut, Planning/Zoning Assistant
616-669-0200 ext. 1416

The Planning and Zoning Department provides services and support to Hudsonville’s citizens and business owners, developers, the general public, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Planning Commission, the Downtown Development Authority and the City Commission.

The Department’s goal is to do its part to preserve and improve a quality community in which to live, work and play.  This is done through long and short-range planning efforts, reviewing proposals for development and property improvements, and with code enforcement. 

Code enforcement of Hudsonville’s codes is done to ensure compliance with the city’s laws and regulations, which serve to protect the health, safety and welfare of Hudsonville.  Enforcement also helps properties to maintain their values.

A complete rewrite of the city-wide Master Plan is being worked on.  Public input, which will be sought in the upcoming months, will be an integral part of creating this document.  The city is working on this plan with the Ottawa County Planning & Performance Improvement Department as part of the Ottawa County Urban Smart Growth Demonstration Project, which seeks to enhance the vibrancy, livability, and aesthetic character of Hudsonville.

The department also participates in fostering economic growth and business and industry attraction in part through working with the Downtown Development Authority and the Hudsonville Area Marketing Coordinator.

A couple of other tasks completed by this department include being Hudsonville’s board member for Regis, the city’s GIS database, and being Hudsonville’s board member on the Grand Valley Metro Council Technical Committee, which plays a part in obtaining federal funding for road projects.

Some of this department’s key documents can be found on the Plans & Maps page.