Most items circulate for 3 weeks (with the option to renew once)
Magazines, DVD’s, LaunchPads and some high demand items circulate for 1 week. 

Overdue Fines & Library Fees:
Most items are fined at the rate of 15 cents per day, with a $5 maximum.
DVDs are fined at the rate of $1 per day, with a $20 maximum

Service Fees
  • Photocopies                  $0.15/page   (First 5 pages of a resume are free)
  • Faxes                           $1.00/page   ($0.15 per page after the first page)
  • Disc Repair                   $3.00/disc
  • Computer Printouts       $0.15/page    (First 5 pages of a resume are free)
  • Color Scans                  $0.50/page
Mission Statement: 
The Gary Byker Memorial Library of Hudsonville helps to carry out the city’s mission to strengthen family and community life as well as to provide quality municipal services.
Further, the library adopts as its mission providing access for the community to informational, educational and recreational resources through the collection, technology and programming.
The library is committed to achieving its mission:
  • By emphasizing excellence in public service through building relationships with patrons.
  • By employing a staff that is welcoming, respectful, trained and knowledgeable.
  • By developing a balanced collection of materials for all ages and needs enhanced by current technology and creative programming.
  • By building and maintaining a facility that is well designed to meet the variety of patron and staff needs.
  • By working cooperatively with other libraries and library organizations.
It is our vision to:
  • Preserve our community’s history;
  • Reflect its current character, and;
  • Provide for the needs of future generations.
The Gary Byker Memorial Library policies & guiding principles are as follows: