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Storm Sewer Information

The City of Hudsonville is working to better manage storm water runoff. As a resident, you have the ability to help reduce the amount of pollution entering the storm sewer system and ultimately reaching the Grand River and Lake Michigan.

What is Storm Water Pollution?

When it rains, storm water flows over lawns, streets, and parking lots carrying with it road dirt, fertilizers, oil, and grease into storm drains, which are often located alongside streets and parking lots.

Where do Storm Drains Lead?

Storm drains lead directly to nearby streams and lakes without any type of treatment. Storm water entering storm drains or catch basins in the City of Hudsonville ultimately reaches the Grand River and Lake Michigan.

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Help prevent Storm water Pollution

  • Never dump grass clippings, vehicle fluids, or anything else down a storm drain
  • Dispose of used motor oil, unwanted paints, old cell phones, cleaners and other household hazardous waste at your county collection center:
  • Build a Rain Garden
  • Dispose of pet waste in a trash can
  • Avoid fertilizing your lawn before a rain storm
  • If you see anyone dumping something down a storm drain, inlet, river or stream, please contact the Department of Public Works at 616-669-2022 ext. 1424 or fill out a Citizen Report Form and deliver it to City Hall.