The City of Hudsonville, through Ottawa County has contracted with the City of Wyoming to purchase water through the City of Wyoming’s Drinking Water Plant. If you are interested in seeing where your water comes from, contact the Drinking Water Plant to schedule a tour or visit Drinking Water Plant Tours for more information.  

View the latest water quality report to find out about the health of Hudsonville’s water:

The 2016 City of Hudsonville Water Quality Report

Utility Bills
Water bills are mailed on a quarterly basis for all water and sewer customers. Utility Bills can be paid in person at City Hall, dropped in the payment box in front of City Hall, mailed or submitted online. Please remember, it is never a good idea to leave cash in the drop box. The City of Hudsonville is not responsible for cash payments deposited into the drop box. 

Visit the online payments to learn more about paying your bills online.  


Water and Sewer Rates 


Sewer Ready-To-Serve Quarterly Charges


Water Ready-To-Serve Quarterly Charges

      5/8 - 3/4" meter



      5/8 - 3/4" meter


      3/4" meter



      3/4" meter


      1" meter



      1" meter









Sewer Commodity Charge


Water Commodity Charge

$3.92 per 1,000 Gallons


$2.13 per 1,000 Gallons

All water meters in the City are read in gallons. 

Leak Detection
If you receive a utility bill that is higher than average, it could be caused by a change in lifestyle, seasonal usage, or you could have a water leak.  Below are some possible causes of high water consumption.

  • Summer Sprinkling  Your water consumption may increase over the summer months due to watering lawns, washing vehicles or filling pools. During the summer season it is normal to see a higher water/sewer bill due to the outdoor activities you may be involved in.
  • Running Toilet  If you have a toilet in your home that runs continuously, your water consumption could increases greatly. Even a pin hole size leak could cause 18,500 gallons of water to be consumed.
  • Dripping Faucets  Make sure your faucets turn off completely when not in use. Whether a slow drip or steady stream this will affect your water consumption

Follow the steps below to see if your home has a water leak

  1. Turn off all water indoors and outdoors including appliances that use water.
  2. Locate your water meter and the position of the low flow indicator. Note: Your water meter is typically located in your basement or utility closet.
  3. After all water and water using appliances have been turned off, watch your meter. If the low flow indicator moves, this could indicate a leak in a toilet, faucet, pipe or appliance


I had a water leak. Why do I have to pay for that water on my next bill?

There are significant costs in providing and delivering clean water to homes and businesses. The City of Hudsonville purchases water from the City of Wyoming and pays for sewage to be treated at the Grandville Cleanwater Treatment Plant. As a result, all water that passes through your water meter must be paid for. 

Fire Hydrant Use Permit

The City Commission approved a Fire Hydrant Use Permit and Fees.  These will help in tracking and maintenance of City fire hydrants.  Click on this link to download a copy in pdf format. 

Fire hydrant use charges will include obtaining a written permit and applicable fees:

  • One day use = $100
  • One week use = $200
  • One month use = $500  
  • User will also be charged for the metered water at $4.26 per 1,000 gallons.
  • The Department of Public Works will supply meter and back flow preventer.  User may use own back flow preventer if approved by DPW.
  • User is responsible for any damage to the meter, back flow preventer, fire hydrant, or water main caused during use.
  • Any unauthorized use of a fire hydrant will be subject to an unauthorized use fee of $250. 

Cross Connection Control Program

When cross connections or faulty back flow prevention devices exist within the public water system, the purity of the public's drinking water is compromised. The City of Hudsonville is required by State law to ensure that commercial and industrial facilities within the city are in compliance with State requirements for water system usage. These regulations prevent the use of cross connections or faulty back flow prevention devices within the public water system. The Hudsonville City Commission recently approved a contract with Hydro Designs, Inc. to inspect all commercial and industrial facilities within the Hudsonville service area.

The City will contact in advance all commercial and industrial facilities to arrange for inspections. Inspections started in January with municipal buildings and schools. Inspections are prioritized based on the degree of hazard. Although Hydro Designs, Inc. will be administering the program, the Hudsonville Department of Public Works will be actively involved. The department is striving to eliminate cross connections in order to protect the water we drink. If you have any questions, please call 616-669-0200.