Winter Weather Tips and Information

Winter Tips

  1. Snow should be stockpiled on grass or dirt surfaces to allow pollutants to go through the ground’s natural filter instead of being discharged directly into local water bodies.  Properly stockpiling snow will also prevent litter, dirt and other materials from entering the storm water system.
  2. Did you know that 1 teaspoon of salt pollutes 5 gallons of water? More is not better! Use Salt only when needed.
  3. Snow from the plow’s blade gets deposited along the side of the street, this includes the entrance of your driveway. Please do not throw or move snow back into the street after the plow has cleared your street.
  4. Sand only provides temporary tractions. Mixing salt with sand does not enhance the salts performance. Sand should be used sparingly as it clogs catch basins, ditches and streams.
  5. Do not pile snow so high that it obstructs driveway or street vision.
  6. Avoid spreading rock salt onto sidewalks and roads when temperatures are below 15°F. Dry rock salt is ineffective at temperatures below 15°F and will only be blown around and off the road before it melts any significant amount of ice.
  7. Keep fire hydrants and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Snow Plowing Permits

All snow removal contractors must have a snow plowing permit. For more information on snow plowing permits visit the Snow Plowing Permit page.

Mailbox Replacement Policy

To find out more about the mailbox replacement policy, please click here.

Seasonal On-Street Parking Rules
To ensure that our city streets can be plowed and salted after heavy snowfalls, the city enforces the following citywide parking ordinance:
Between the dates of November 1 and April 1, parking is prohibited on all city streets between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Please make arrangements to move your vehicle off the street during these hours or a Civil Infraction Notice (ie: ticket) will be issued to the owner of the vehicle.
Help keep our streets safe this winter by complying with our Seasonal Parking limitations.

Sidewalk Reminders
Please keep in mind that each property owner is responsible for clearing the sidewalks, in front of their home, of snow and ice. The city will clear streets as a priority during a snow event. Sidewalks will be cleared by the city if and when time allows.

Please be aware that damage that occurs to the adjacent lawn areas as a result of sidewalk plowing is NOT the responsibility of the city.  To minimize the potential for lawn damage from the City’s sidewalk plow, it is recommended that you edge your lawn along the sidewalk prior to winter.