Donate to the Library

There are many ways you can donate to the library with money, time or talent. 

  1.  Make a general donation to our local operating fund.  The library is funded mainly by the residents of the City of Hudsonville through their property taxes.  We also receive money from Blendon Township, Ottawa County Penal Fines, and Michigan State Aid.  But, any extra donations are always welcome and usually help us buy more materials or technology for that given year.  Once we receive a donation, we will apply it to whatever the greatest need is at that time. 
  2. Make a donation dedicated for a specific item or purpose.   Often we have patrons donate money to purchase books on a specific topic, or even a specific title, in honor or in memory of someone.  Sometimes money is given to buy specific things such as furniture, children’s toys, or equipment.  If you have something in mind, or would like suggestions, please contact the director at 669-1255 x 5 or email her at  We would be glad to recognize any donation with bookplates or donation labels.
  1. Make a donation to the Gary Byker Memorial Library Endowment Fund.  This fund was established in 1998, its principal objectives being the promotion and development of the charitable and educational activities of the Library.  As library funding can fluctuate from year to year depending on property values, volume of traffic citations, etc., this fund will help ensure that the library can continue to offer quality services in both good and bad times. 

Endowment Fund Recognition:  A donation of $50 or more to our Endowment Fund also qualifies the donor to be recognized in our annual donor “word art” that is painted on the wall each year.   If you would like to take advantage of this option, please print out the brochure found here and mail it in with your information.   Endowment Brochure

Endowment Wordle


  1. Donate your “gently used” Books, Magazines, or other materials.  All donations are considered first for our regular circulating collection.  If not needed there, they are then either sold online or in our used book sales.  There is a dark green donation box located next to our regular book drop for that purpose.  If you’d like a receipt for tax purposes, please bring the items inside and ask for one.

Tax Deduction Information:  Contributions to the Gary Byker Memorial Library are generally eligible for a deduction for income tax purposes in the tax year in which the contributions are unconditionally made.  

The extent to which the deduction will be allowed varies depending on several factors including who the donor is, what is being donated and the aggregate amount of charitable contributions by the donor during the tax year. 

All donors should consult their own tax professional to ensure that the donor is receiving the maximum allowable
tax benefit and that the donation is adequately recorded for tax purposes. 

All checks and documents conveying property should be addressed to the Gary Byker Memorial Library.

  1.  Volunteer your time or expertise.  The library has a number of volunteer opportunities, most of which need some training.  If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and drop it off or mail it in.  We will review your application and see if there is something suitable for you at that time.  Some of our volunteer jobs include presenting programs, mending or covering books, cleaning discs, sorting book sale items, staffing our local history room, or helping with donations.  Most volunteers DO NOT put away books, as there is a great deal of training and supervision necessary for that task.  We usually do not take volunteers for summer or for community service, as we do not have enough staff to train and supervise the volunteers for such a short period of time.