The Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining City streets. There are 12.6 miles of major streets and 16.55 miles of local streets within the City with 29.15 miles of streets total. It is our duty to repair potholes, remove dead animals, maintain road signs, sweep the streets in the Spring/Summer, and plow in the Winter.

Right-Of-Way Permits:

The City of Hudsonville has a policy in regards to working in the right-of-way within the city limits. Effective immediately a permit and proof of insurance are required to perform any work in the city right-of-way. Download a copy of the permit Click Here

Types of Right-of-way Permits and Fees:

Street FAQ

Annual License $25

Required of any person performing work for compensation in the public right-of-way. Certification of insurance required.

Street Openings $250

Any work performed that requires an open cut in the street. Permit holder to maintain traffic control.

Curb Cut $30

Construction of a new driveway or the creation of a new curb cut. Administered by the Planning Department

Parkway / Right of Way $50

Any work performed in the public right-of-way, excluding street openings.

Jack and Bore $250

Work performed in the public right-of-way, which requires jack and bore at cost of $250.

Moving Permit $75

Moving of oversized objects where assistance is required (traffic control, etc.). Assistance does not include utility disconnections.

Detours $250

Any work performed that requires a detour. City of Hudsonville sets up detours.

Miscellaneious $25

All other work within the public right-of-way not covered in the above fees.

Telecommunications (Annual) $500

Any work performed on underground or overhead telephone or cable TV lines within the public right-of-way.