Climate Change Seminar

Date: November 11, 2014
Time: 7:00 PM
3338 Van Buren street
Hudsonville, MI 49426

“Climate Change & You”

An Environmental Awareness Presentation
sponsored by  The Southeast Michigan Group of the Sierra Club

Join presenter Jerry Hasspacher as he discusses the environment is the basis of the web of life. A healthy environment can only be assured through environmentally knowledgeable citizens acting responsibly.  “Climate Change & You” is a free powerful PowerPoint presentation that adapts to all ages and defines current environmental issues.

“Climate Change & You”
includes information about:

  • The greenhouse effect
  • Greenhouse gases
    • Fracking
  • Positive feedback mechanisms
  • Long Term Hazards
    • Rising ocean levels
    • Acidifying & warming oceans
    • Increased Diseases
    • Fresh water evaporation
    • Loss of Biodiversity
    • Weather changes
    • Trees at risk
  • Non-renewable and renewable energy
  • Hybrid cars
  • Earth Hour

Tips for individual action to mitigate
climate change include:

  • Energy usage
    • Water usage
  • Tips around the house
  • Tips for the yard & garden
  • Battery disposal

Gerald Hasspacher is a lifetime resident of Warren, MI.

Gerald has been a member of the Sierra Club since 2005 and currently works as a volunteer with the Sierra Club Southeast Michigan Group. In 2009, he became a founding member of the City of Warren’s Environmental Advisory Committee, helping to advise the Mayor of Warren, James Fouts, on green initiatives.

He promotes the Michigan Green Schools program, volunteers at the Highland Park Michigan Boys and Girls Club and is also a member of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to the Southeast Michigan Regional Transportation Authority.