Thomas Jefferson's Gardens

Date: April 14, 2015
Time: 7:00 PM
3338 Van Buren street
Hudsonville, MI 49426

Join us for our Spring/Summer Garden Series with Craig Elston, City of Hudsonville Naturalist.

Tuesday, April 14:  The Gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  7-8:30 pm. 

This program by Craig Elston, explores some of Monticello’s architecture, landscape architecture, and gardens.  Many of the plants and flowers grown there are native to Michigan or can be grown in Michigan.  This includes “Jeffersonia,” the plant named after Jefferson (that also grows in our own Hudsonville Nature Center).  Elston, who has an “obsession” with Jefferson the gardener, has made several trips to Monticello to gather information and is Hudsonville city’s “Naturalist.”“

Thursday, May 7:  How to Plant a Butterfly Garden.  7-8:30 pm. 
City Naturalist, Craig Elston will discuss the needs of butterflies in all stages of life and how these needs can be meet while attracting them to your yard.  Whether you have a small apartment patio or several acres, you can attract butterflies.  Elston, who has had a lifelong interest in butterflies, still enjoys the surprises that can come with successfully attracting them and is passionate about sharing these with you.

Tuesday, July 7:  Library Butterfly Garden Tour.  1-2 pm
Tour the Butterfly Garden at the Gary Byker Memorial Library with City Naturalist Craig Elston, while he talks about butterflies and how to attract them to your garden. The plants necessary will be discussed as well and how butterflies use them.