Tai Chi Beginning

Date: Every week
Time: 10:15 AM

Tai Chi for Beginners

Spectrum Health Zeeland Hospital will offer a Tai Chi program at the Library in the fall! This recreational exercise program provides joint-friendly alternative for people of all ages with a variety of physical abilities. Movements can be done seated or standing.  The cost for this class is $50.

This is also a great exercise for individuals who simply would like to move more but wish to do so in a calm environment!

Beginner Class:
Tuesdays, Jan. 5 - March 8, 2016
Now through Mar. 15 to make up for snow day!

10:15 am - 11:15 am

To register: call the hospital at 616.748.2834


Benefits of Tai Chi:

Improves flexibilty, muscular strength
and fitness
Improves balance
Relieves and manages stress Calms the mind, relaxes the body,
and centers your energy
Improves cardiorespiratory fitness Enhances coordianation