About Hudsonville

The City of Hudsonville has a long history. The community began in 1856 when an Englishman, Homer Hudson from Ohio, settled in Georgetown Township for the purpose of starting a nursery to raise fruit trees. By 1872 the area settled by Mr. Hudson was designated as Hudsonville by the Federal Government. In 1927 Hudsonville became a village and in 1957 if officially incorporated as a city. Hudsonville is located along the i-196 midway between Grand Rapids and Holland in one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Michigan. In the recent past the city has seen the creation of three business parks to accommodate light industry and commercial growth. During the same time period the downtown area was redeveloped. The city has two community parks, one neighborhood park and a nature center. In 2004 the city dedicated a new veteran's park located next to city hall. This park has six life size statues representing the five branches of the military, a memorial wall for veterans names and an amphitheater that will accommodate seating for over 250 people. The City Commission promotes cooperation and regional planning through its membership in the Grand Valley Metro Council made up of over 30 municipalities. In late 2004, the new South Beltline Freeway (M-6) was completed, originating just outside of our southern city limits. Hudsonville is a great place to live. We are known for our well-kept homes, fine churches and excellent public and private schools. The City Commission meets at 7:00p.m, on the second Tuesday each month.
We welcome your involvement and input.