Downtown Development Authority

The Hudsonville Downtown Development Authority's (DDA's) purpose is to insure the correction and prevention of deterioration in business districts, the encouragement of historic preservation, the creation and implementation of development plans in the district, and the promotion of economic growth in the Downtown Business District.


Meet the Staff

medMichelle_Picture.jpg Michelle Fare & FamilyIn 2015, the DDA brought Michelle Fare (pictured left with her family) on as their Executive Director, allowing a more significant focus to be placed on the work of the DDA.

Michelle already served as the Marketing Coordinator for the City of Hudsonville and the Executive Director of the Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce, making her expansion into the economic development role a good fit.

Staff is managed by the DDA Board.  View the Board Roster here .

The Tax Increment Financing District (TIF District)

A specific district is laid out as part of the DDA plan.  This is the area in which the DDA operates, as well as the area in which taxes are captured.  You can see a map of this area here. .


The Plan

The projects that the DDA works on are directed by the Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan adopted in 2012.


Each year the DDA submits a report to the State of Michigan that summarizes how DDA funds were spent.  You can see a copy of the latest report here and a copy of the annual report to the community here. .

You can also check out minutes from any of the DDA meetings here .

Current Priorities

The work of the DDA aligns closely with the goals in the Imagine Hudsonville 2030 plan.

Currently the DDA is focused on several key projects:

  • Terra Square: This project is the conversion of the former Hartman Chevrolet building into a permanent home for the farmer's market.  It will also have a variety of spaces for community events, as well as for the community to rent.  The DDA is assisting with acquisition costs for this project as well as contributing towards the debt payments on this project.
  • Harvey Street: In 2017, the City of Hudsonville will be extending Harvey Street to the east to intersect with Terra Square and in 2018, the existing section of Harvey Street will be converted to match the walkable, pedestrian-friendly street. The DDA is assisting with acquisition/access costs for this project as well as contributing towards the debt payments on this project.
  • Support of Festivals & Events: The DDA contributes financially to support community festivals and events, including Concerts on the Green, Urban HayDay, Holiday Parade, Christmas Tree Lighting, and the Hudsonville Showcase.
  • Beautification: The DDA financially supports several beautification efforts in the community, including the summer flower pot service, United States flags on Chicago Drive, Christmas decor on Chicago Drive and downtown, celery crosswalk paintings, and light pole banners
  • Public Parking: The DDA owns a large parking lot downtown Hudsonville and maintains it for public parking in the community.

For questions about any of these projects, please contact Michelle Fare at  To see specific funding amounts of these projects, view the City of Hudsonville budget here .


The DDA adopted a Development Support Policy in 2016.  A copy of the policy is available here. .