Department of Public Works

Bob Miller
Public Works Superintendent
(616) 669-0200 ext. 1424


Kate Milzarski
Administrative Assistant to the Public Works Superintendent
(616) 669-0200


The Public Works Department serves our 7,116 residents in the areas of streets, water, sewer, parks, motor pool and city owned facilities.  The Department has 9 employees to handle all of these areas within the City.

We have over 30 miles of streets to plow, pave, crack seal, sweep and pothole patch.  We also maintain street signs and pavement markings, and repair curbs, gutters and sidewalks, although it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the sidewalk clear for pedestrians.  We work closely with Consumer’s Energy to keep our street lights in proper working order.

We purchase our water from the City of Wyoming and we have 2 water storage tanks and miles of water main that supply City Water to our residents.

Our Sanitary Sewer is sent to the City of Grandville’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Sanitary Sewer system is primarily a gravitational flow system that is sent throughout the City via 10 sewer lift stations.

Our Storm Sewer system drains all our streets directly into Buttermilk Creek or the DeWeerd Drain, which feeds into Rush Creek then to the Grand River, and ultimately ends up in Lake Michigan.  The City of Hudsonville is part of the Lower Grand River Watershed and is actively involved in public education and cleaning up the streets and creeks so that we are sending the cleanest water possible on to the Grand River Watershed.

We have an 80 acre Nature Center with chipped wood walking trails, lookout decks and wayfinding maps throughout.  In addition, we maintain 6 parks; Sunrise Park, Hughes Park, Hillcrest Park, Heritage Park, Hill Side Park and Veteran’s Park.  The parks that house play equipment for our younger residents are Hughes Park, Sunrise Park, and Hill Side Park.

**The City of Hudsonville is seeking proposals for mowing and landscape maintenance at approximately 35 properties within the City.  The bid package will include mowing, edging, fertilization, as well as vegetation and weed control.  All proposals will be due on February 25, 2022 at 10:00 a.m. Please click here to see the complete Request for Proposal. **